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Building Optimization Technologies, (BOT)

BOT provides software as a service (SaaS) capabilities for online management of office buildings using its proprietary system Renaissance Management Suite (RMS)® platform.


Renaissance Management Suite (RMS)

RMS provides you with online tools to manage your portfolio of properties, it gathers and apply high-resolution to your resources data, weather and benchmark your properties with Energy Star® Portfolio Manager®​


Building Optimization Technologies provides Software as a Service using its proprietary software application Renaissance Management Suite, (RMS).

The RMS is a cloud-based software application, hardware-neutral, that among other features applies high resolution to energy,  water, gas usage and temperature data, then deploy those parameters using rich visualizations to help CRE properties to reduce costs.

RMS can be accessed from your mobile devices and encompasses several apps:


  • Energy Information System

  • Water Information System

  • Weather Information System

  • Analytics

  • HVACs operation

  • Energy Star Benchmarking

 "You can't manage what you can't  measure "     


BOT is working in the development of the Second Phase which will be offered as optional apps. This Phase will apply analytics methodology to data obtained in real time.



Register with RMS and you'll have immediate access to all data resources of 800 Wilcrest Drive property as a 'Demo', browsing the energy, water, HVACs units and weather data you can evaluate the value and benefits this granular information can bring for the daily operations of your property.


Weather is directly related to your energy and water consumption so our weather app tracks continuously the Houston Intercontinental Airport weather station, so we are able to relate temperature to energy and water usage. 


Once you're registered to access RMS a procedure to give BOT access to your Smart Meter Texas account is triggered, so the RMS is able to gather the energy data of your property and display it for your monitoring.


In the same way, you need to share with BOT, access to your accounts of water with Utility Customer Services, (Houston) and gas (Center Point)


Then on a daily base, you have access to a rich visualization data of the energy, water gas and HVAC usage in your property relating them to weather tracking. 


"Monitoring your energy consumption data can save up to 15% of your energy usage"......DoE



With the RMS you consistently monitor and visualize how much and how you spend your resources, it will help you to find patterns, trends, outliers and apply analytics to take corrective operational measures in your property.

You can compare each property of your portfolio to find saving opportunities and to implement an energy efficiency plan in each one.

After the RMS has access to your accounts for energy, gas (if required) and water, you'll be able to benchmark your properties almost automatically, RMS, has data exchange services capabilities with EPA's Energy Star Portfolio Manager®.   

We strongly recommend to benchmark your property using Energy Star® Portfolio Manager®, you need to know how your property stack up against similar facilities across the nation that look and operate like yours.

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