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Renaissance management suite

Building Optimization Technologies has developed a modular based system fully automated to gather energy, gas, water, and weather data; the high-resolution data is converted into actionable information by interactive visual graphs for quick operational decision making, we call it the Renaissance Management Suite (RMS).  

According to the EPA by just monitoring energy usage you can save between 15% to 30% of your energy usage, for a  building consuming about $100k annually in electrical cost this means $15,000 to $30,000 in savings a year.

The RMS is a subscription-based application that offers a set of modules that includes: energy information system, weather information, water information systems, Energy Star benchmarking, analytics engine system and other modules in progress.

Energy Information Systems (EIS)

Energy Information systems (EIS) : Energy interval and historical data (kWh)

The EIS module gathers and conditions your energy interval data from Smart Meter Texas or Demand & Energy Information Systems (Center Point DEIS), condition,  and deploy them in multiple interactive charts so you are able to monitor usage behavior, identify savings opportunities, determine peak usage, average daily load profiles, and annual load profiles.

WEATHER INFORMATION (WI): Temperature, humidity, precipitation,

Weather plays a major role in your parameters to be tracked because it determines the amount of energy your property is going to demand throughout the day. Weather information is gathered from the nearest airport through Weather underground.  

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Energy Usage Analysis System (EUAS)

Energy Usage Analysis System, (EUAS)

EUAS module allows users to dive deeper into the energy usage of the property.  By tracking energy usage EUAS you can derive working hours of HVAC systems, and including temperature EUAS you can get the normalized energy (kWh) data.

HVAC  Worked hours - The module is able to derive and graph working hours per day.

kWh/DD analysis - Allows the user to quickly review the performance of the building.  Degree Days (DD) are calculated on an hourly basis, and data can be aggregated from hourly to yearly basis.  Note that for the temperature we use airport data. This allows the user to quickly compare kWh/DD and make adjustments in performance. By reviewing schedules, occupancy, etc., we will consequently derive normalized data from this information.

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Water Information Systems (H2OIS)

Water Information Systems (H2OIS)

H2OIS module allows the property manager to keep track of the water usage. It automatedly gathers water usage information from the city’s account website and so you are able to monitor the usage behavior. Establishes the water baseline period to be used as the baseline to monitor your water saving project.

The system also tracks the precipitation in the nearest airport to the property, in order to be able to see if the irrigation system is working appropriately (not watering on rainy days).

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Weather Information System (WI)

Weather Information Systems (WI)

Weather plays a priority roll on parameters to be tracked, because it determines the amount of energy usage your property is going to demand every moment during the working hours.  Weather is driven by air pressure, temperature and moisture differences between one place and another.  These differences can occur due to the sun's angle at any particular spot.  WIS gathers weather data from a local weather station which could change depending on a specific location of the property, visual tools are included to correlate energy and water usage versus temperature.

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Energy Star 

Energy Star

Building Optimization Technologies, (BOT) is a qualified Energy Star Service & Product Provider (SPP) with ID # 1136074, to benchmark properties using EPA’s Portfolio Manager through exchange information capabilities.

EPA created Energy Star Portfolio Manager, an online tool  use to benchmark the performance of  building(s). BOT has partnered with Portfolio Manager to bring you monthly energy star scores, ESS module imports your property data into Portfolio Manager, this includes:

  • Basic information of the property

  • Operations parameters,

  • Energy and water data (last 12 months).  ​

Then ESS module  exports metrics out of Portfolio Manager allowing you to view your Energy Star Score (between 1 - 100) and other metrics.  To be eligible for an Energy Star certification is required an score of 75.

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