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Are you ready to save 15% to 30% of your electricity bill?

Renaissance Management Suite (RMS) utilizes Smart Meter Texas (SMT) or Demand & Energy Information Systems (Center Point DEIS) websites to gather your historical electrical information (back 13 months), all we need is to have access to your SMT account.  RMS will process and gather the data automatedly from there and send you notifications as soon as there is new information.

There are three ways to create your RMS account:

  1. If you already have an SMT account.

    1. Share your login account information with us, or Link

    2.  Add us as a friend to your SMT account. Link

  2. You don't have an SMT account, no problem.

    1. Create an account and share login information or add us as a friend.

      1. for residential accounts follow this link 

      2. for commercial account follow this link

  3. This is way too much work and you rather not deal with this.  All you would need to do bill and we will take care of the rest. link utility electric an upload is

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